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Rating: 4/10

The idea behind the story is good, however I found there was too much unnecessary swearing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a book with swearing, although I do think there’s a limit to when a person actually swears. It was distracted and took a lot away from the plot. That being said, the story was a little different from what I expected.  Having the slogan “A Modern Faerie Tale” underneath the title, I expected it to be a modern faerie tale. I felt it was more of a high school drama filled with drugs, alcohol and hallucinations. 

What initially enticed me to read this series, was the look of the cover and the lure of faerie tales. For the duration of the book, it was interesting enough although I felt like there where sections of the story that were missing. 

I probably wouldn’t recommend this book to my friends. I’m surprised I even read the sequel for it, which was the same if not worse than this one. This is my opinion, if you feel up to it, give it a try.

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